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Where can I buy Red Diesel in London?

Where can one buy Red Diesel in London?


Red Diesel is not a fuel that is used by the average Joe Bloggs, it is a fuel that is used by a range of industrial business. Of course, using Red Diesel in your car for no good reason could land you in trouble with the authorities! This article explores and analyses a prominent Red Diesel supplier in London

What is Red Diesel
Red Diesel is a dyed fuel which is used mainly in off-road untaxed vehicles which are found primarily in industries such as construction. It has considerable tax benefits and it is more beneficial for business to use red diesel instead of white diesel.

So…where can I buy Red Diesel in London?

You can get it from New Era who supply Red Diesel, Gas Oil and Lubricants across the UK, and have been doing so for nearly a century. They have a meajor depot in Stratford (East London) where all their Red Diesel is distruted from.

How can I get my hands on thie Red Diesel supplied by New Era?

You can have it delivered to you or you can go to the depot yourself.

How can I contact them?

You can order Red Diesel from New Era by calling them at: 0844 259 7734 or by going on there website and getting a quote by CLICKING HERE 

Who are New Era?

New Era is an organisation that have supplying engine oil to customers in London and the UK for almost a century. They offer a wide rang of products and are one of the biggest suppliers in the UK.

Who do they supply to?

All sorts of businesses, big or small.

How do they distribute it?

They have a fleet of tankers of different sizes that can do orders of any size order, which means that they can deliver gases to all areas of London and the surrounding areas.

What else do New Era sell?
New Era sells gas oil, red diesel, automotive oils, hydraulic oils, lubricants and kerosene at competitive prices.

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