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Hydraulic Criming Tool

Hydraulic Crimping Tool: Uniflex selling the best products

Hydraulic Crimping Tool: Uniflex leading the way

Hydraulic Criming Tool

Uniflex are currently leaders in the Hydraulic crimping tool market on a global scare. They specialise in the production of quality hose crimping tools and other similar products. Their Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machines are known for being the the most reliable, durable and accurate on the market. Their unique features include a non grease system, stand alone machines, thin crimping heads. Uniflex detail and design is guaranteed to make huge positive differences to your hose production. Reputation is key for Uniflex’s success and their customers always give them top notch reviews online.

Among Uniflex’s main selling points is their hydraulic crimping tools, along with their swaging tools which incorporate unique grease free slide bearing technology, with durable, adaptive and lightweight design to give a quality hose swaging tool solution.  Their tolls are 12 Volt Crimping Machines and also 12 Volt Swaging Machine.

This company also proves hydraulic hose workshop crimping machines and professional workshop’s which help customers learn to use a range of products that are sold by the company. They lead the way in regards to flexible workshop hose crimpers which have the best up-to-date technology.

Accoring to Graham Gillings , who is MD at Eastern Fluid Power Ltd “Uniflex UK provided us with a very competitive quotation for the best quality crimping equipment, racking and livery service. They were very flexible allowing us to free issue the vehicle and quickly delivered a stunning, professionally branded mobile. Throughout the process the communication and service was very professional, and Uniflex went over and above normal expected levels of service”.

You can find out more about Uniflex on their website by clicking here.



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