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The method behind 8D training

When your company runs into a major problem, you need to address it quickly. However, you also need to deal with it thoroughly and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Many businesses decide to undergo 8D training as they need a quick solution to overcome differcult situations.

The 8D Problem Solving Process helps you do both of these seemingly-contradictory things, in a professional and controlled way. This method has been used for generations and is proven to help businesses. The Ford Motor Company developed the 8D (8 Disciplines) Problem Solving Process, and published it in their 1987 manual. Ford created the 8D Process to help teams deal with quality control and safety issues; develop customised, permanent solutions to problems; and prevent problems from recurring. Although the 8D Process was initially applied in the manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace industries, it’s useful and relevant in any industry. The 8D training works best in teams tasked with solving a complex problem with identifiable symptoms. However, you can also use this process on an individual level, as well.

1. Build the team

2. Describe the problem

3. Come for up with a Fix

4. Identify and eliminate the root cause

5. Verify the solution

6. Implement a permanent solution

7. Prevent the problem from recurring

8. Celebrate team success

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