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Heating oil suppliers Surrey

The Heating Oil suppliers Surrey team want to share some upsetting news regarding the oil spill in Peru

Peru oil spill pollutes Amazon rivers used by indigenous group!  At least 3,000 barrels of crude oil have been spilled in an Amazonian region after leaks from Peru’s main oil pipeline. The oil spill has polluted two rivers that at least eight indigenous communities rely on for water, this is very alarming and upsetting for the communities but Petroperu has promised a full clean-up and is also providing food and water. The company said the first leak was caused by a landslide but the cause of the second rupture is unknown. The oil has also poured into the Chiriaco and Morona rivers in northwestern Peru and the spill is affecting the Achuar community and heavy rains have hampered efforts to contain it, local indigenous leader Edwin Montenegro said.

Numerous charities have been giving a help in hand as the communities of Peru are unable to use the river water and Peru’s health ministry has declared a water quality emergency in five districts. OEFA officials said Petroperu could face fines of up to £12m if the spills were found to have affected local people’s health.

The Heating Oil Suppliers Surrey team are devastated for the individuals and families who are affected by this awful oil spill and our condolences go out to everyone. If you would like to find out more information on oil or if you would like to purchase oil then please click on the link below which you will then be directed to the Heating Oil Suppliers Surrey website:



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