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What is Red Diesel?

Red Diesel is your latest 20 liter bag packaging of diesel approved by the UN. The diesel comes in a manageable box that is easy to handle and carry. It is suitable for any off-road diesel engine and fitted for EGR, SCR and DPF systems even those with modern machines calibrated vehicles. Based on those who have tried using it, the diesel is fast efficient with manageable refueling solution. The box containing the diesel has glug free pouring mechanism that prevents any unnecessary spillage.

Red Diesel offers zero risk of corruption from all harmful chemicals that can pose risk to your health. With its packaging style, you will be able to reduce your time in terms of onboard storing most especially during emergency cases.

Red Diesel – Additive System

Generally, Red Diesel comes in a unique formulation with its additive system. The mechanism aims of bringing an excellent performance compared to the traditional gas oil available in the market. Through its enhanced cetane rating or boost power, your vehicle will be able to improve both its fuel consumption and combustion efficiency while reducing any visible emission or smoke. Because of its special formulation, it protects the fuel pumps or injectors from excessive wearing with daily use. In terms of older engines, it enables the improvement of your car for up to 15%. It is perfectly suitable for plant and machinery, cement mixers, mini diggers, static and mobile generators, forklift trucks and a lot more. Not only that, it also fits to your office cars for maximum utilization.

The diesel in a box includes demulsifiers that fight against water build up if in case that your vehicle runs through a watery area. It also enhances the storage capacity and stability for up to 2 years and even more depending on the ability of the engine to use as much fuel with every operation. You can actually reduce your carbon footprint by using the product since it lessens packaging waste by 86% in the landfills with its unique packaging in a box. Plastic consumption also lessens by more or less 90% through its packaging that comes in a corrugated box. Immediately and conveniently, you can dispose the box after use following the present waste regulations being implemented in your area or location. Overall, the product is convenient and easy to use because of its great features that identifies its from other brands. While you are saving money, you are helping environmental sustainability at the same time because it has lesser impact to the environment.

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