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What is Red Diesel and Where to Get a Red Diesel Delivery in Essex

Apart from the colour, the only considerable difference between Red Diesel and standard Diesel is the price, which is much cheaper is the tax benefits it enjoy from the government. Red Diesel is not available for purchase for every day users of road vehicles, but off-road vehicles. In November 2013, the legislation was changed so that vehicles using Red Diesel could be permitted to grit public roads. The correct use of Red Diesel is for working agricultural vehicles and machinery, fishing vessels, construction and forestry. In order for these industries to make a profit, it is essential that certain duties can be reclaimed and this includes red diesel fuel.

If you’re looking for a company in Essex that can deliver high quality red diesel, you can trust New Era to provide what you need. The company has been supplying lubricants and fuels across the UK for nearly a century. Their depot and headquarters are based in Harlow, so they can provide engine oil service to the entire country.

Why Choose New Era?

New Era provides gas oil and kerosene at competitive prices. With their large fleet of tankers, they can deliver the fuel to their customers immediately. New Era takes on orders of all sizes and offers premium quality red diesel, lubricants and kerosene in Essex and the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter whether your order is small or large.  You can expect New Era to provide you with efficient red diesel, kerosene and lubricants at prices that you can afford. These oils will not certainly boost the performance of your vehicle.

Their red diesel delivery makes the fuel available to building projects and construction sites in the country. New Era is proud to say that their vehicles and staff abide by Cross rail regulations. They can also access any site, so you can place your order and expect the fuel to arrive at your location fast.



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