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10 Reasons to learn the German Language


There are tons of reasons to learn this great language. Here is our top 10:

1. Economic Benefits


Germany is a major world economy, currently the most prosperous in Europe and currently the world’s second-biggest exporter. This means you would be a very valuable asset for any business and could land yourself a high-paying job in Germany.

2. Job Opportunities


You could land yourself a job as a German Translator. This is a job which could allow you to do very interesting work for a wide range of businesses across the world.

3. Making Friends


German is in the top 10 spoken languages on the planet so speaking it means you can converse with a lot more people!

4. Engineering Careers


If you want to be an engineer, you should think of speaking German. Germany are known as the best engineering country in the world so it is best to speak the language.

5. Easier to learn for English speakers than you think


German and English are actually very similar, meaning its actually easier to learn than you think. Here are just a few examples: Haus means house, Buch means book, Finger means finger, Hand means hand… The list goes on.

6. Education


Learning German can be beneficial to your education. It can allow you to study in Germany as many of the world’s important subjects and works are in German. Many works in philosophy, literature, art, theology, psychology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine are originally in German so it is worth your while knowing it.

7. Some amazing people spoke German


Albert Einstein, 22 Physics Nobel Prizes, 30 in Chemistry, and 25 in Medicine all came from the big three German-speaking nations. This is just the beginning of the massive list of the world’s most influential people.

8. Science


As a language used by scientists, the amount of German speakers make it the second-biggest scientific language in the world.


9. Books


About a fifth of the books of the world are written in German and unfortunately for non-German speakers, most of these cannot be read in different languages.

10. Germany is an awesome country


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