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Fuel Box

Top 10 Applications of Fuel Box

Fuel Box

The Fuel Box can be used to store Red Diesel so that you don’t run out of it. People usually drive to the nearest depot to buy red diesel and use jerry cans to bring the fuel back with them, but doing this is not always easy. With the Fuel Box, you don’t need to worry about such matter. It has a glug free pouring system that prevents spillages and contamination.

The Fuel Box contains red diesel packed in a 20 litre disposable carton with a supple inner liner. It is designed to provide premium quality fuel in an eco-friendly packaging system and is delivered as a sealed package. The Fuel Box is suitable for off-road diesel engines as it is fitted with EGR, SCR and DPF systems and offers a fast and efficient refuelling solution to those who’ve run out of red diesel. You can store it on-board your car to reduce downtime in case of emergencies or run outs.

Top 10 Applications of Fuel Box

With the unique Additive System of Fuel Box, your vehicle can achieve an amazing performance over conventional gas oil or red diesel. Here’s how Fuel Box helps.

  • Better fuel consumption
  • Improved combustion efficiency
  • Better cetane rating, boosting the vehicle’s power
  • Reduced varnish and deposit build-up
  • Water build-up is prevented as Fuel Box contains demulsifiers
  • Fuel Box dissolves sludge build-up
  • Reduced visible smoke emissions
  • Improves storage stability by up to two years
  • Protection against damage in injectors and fuel pumps
  • Older engines can improve their performance by up to 15%

The Fuel Box not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also lowers packaging waste by 86% as well as plastic consumption by 90%. With higher Cetane ratings, build-up of varnish and deposit is reduced and your vehicle’s power is boosted. The Fuel Box also has an environmentally friendly packaging. The used pack is divided into two parts. First, you need to remove the plastic bag and throw it away in accordance with existing waste regulations. The corrugated box can be thrown away in cardboard or dry paper recycling.


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